13 Fishing Motor Boat 4-1/4 Hybrid Prop Bait #MBT

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Stick Bait - Floating
CAD $8.99


Redesigning the way you fish heavy cover; the Motor Boat combines the action of buzz style lures with the ability to fish through anything. A soft plastic body is embedded with a heavy gauge hook. The Evolve custom design blade has an internal swivel that hides it from slime that fowls up traditional blades. Connected with tough nylon thread that won’t be cut, the Motor Boat style fishing system has arrived.

Key Features

  • Weedless T-Rig Design
  • VMC Wide Gap Hook
  • Reinforced Inner Core Secures Motor Boat Prop
  • Motor Boat Prop Provides Unique Action and Commotion
  • Hybrid PTE Body
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