Beretta SG 692 Sporting Black Shotgun with Adjustable B-Fast Stock 2018 Model

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Shotgun - Break Action
Beretta SG 692 Sporting Black Shotgun with Adjustable B-Fast Stock 2018 Model

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Product Number: 4P862B15

The new Beretta 692 shotgun is the successful mix of tradition and technology, to provide better ballistics and ergonomics, together with the elegant design that makes this shotgun absolutely outstanding.

The new look is outstanding combining the traditional design of the Beretta over and unders with cutting-edge technological solutions. Black-gold details finely enrich the overall look of the shotgun, giving to the 692 Sporting Black a unique look.

With a production begun in 1526, now accounting for more than 500,000 barrels a year, Beretta is a world leader in technological research applied to ballistics. The Optimabore HP technology, combined with Steelium, provides excellent accuracy and pattern quality with any kind of shots. 


  • Steelium - The production technology of the Beretta barrels, making the special tri-alloy steel become an outstanding ballistic jewel, thanks to a manufacturing process that is just as unique. Gundrilling, cold hammer forging special vacuum relieving give steel the ideal mechanical characteristic for superior ballistic performance.
  • Steelium Plus - All the benefits of Steelium, plus the tapered internal profile (360mm) for an even smoother pellets dynamics and, ultimately, better patterns and more broken target clays. (available only on 692)
  • Matte Barrel Finish - More than just an aesthetical solution, the matt barrel gives absolute anti-glare performance and helps you keep your eyes away from distractions and constantly on your targets.
  • B-Fast Carbon-Fiber Top Rib - Extremely lightweight and resistant, this new top rib provides perfect linearity even in the toughest shooting conditions, thanks to the new welding-free fixing technology.
  • B-Fast Barrel Balancing System - The weight of the barrel is now adjustable through a set of weights that can be fixed to the side ribs, under the fore-end. The combine

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