Beretta Shotgun A400 UltraLite - 12 Gauge #7C414

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Shotgun - Semi
Beretta SG A400 UltraLite Shotgun - 12 Gauge #7C414

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Product Number: 7C414

The A400 is a gas-operated action that was built for speed, reliability and versatility. Featuring the Blink technology, it is capable of firing 4 shells in less than 1 second, giving you the fastest follow-up shots of any shotgun on the market. 

This 3” semiautomatic shotgun with full-lenghth carbon-fiber top rib and carbon-fiber pistol grip cap, bringing weight down to 2.7 Kg without shortening the magazine capacity. Black anodized aluminum-alloy receiver with laser engraving and super-lightweight wood. Simply amazing.


  • Carbon-Fiber Top Rib - Made of the lightest materials available, this carbon-fiber rib allows to reduce the weight of the barrel up to 100g (24”/61cm barrel) without affecting the ballistic performance and confirming once again the supremacy of Steelium, the world’s best barrel
  • Super-Lightweight Woods - The wood used for the A400 Ultralite’s stock and forend is carefully selected, to allow an additional weight reduction up to 120 grams overall, thanks also to the special internal shape of the stock and to the carbon-fiber pistol grip cap
  • B-LINK Gas Operating System - Shoots everything, everytime and with low recoil.  When it comes to operating systems, two things made the Beretta gas-operated shotguns glorious: reliability and low recoil. You cannot find anything performing better than B-link, especially when the weight of the shotgun goes below 3 Kg.


  • Chamber: 12g / 3"
  • Barrel Length: 28"
  • Weight: 2.7kg
  • Chokes: OCHP
  • Rib: 6x6
  • Recoil Pad: Microcore

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