Curb Side Pick Up Instructions

      Starting May 11, curb-side pick-up is available for most items.

      Please note: Restricted firearms are available for delivery only, with no exceptions.

      Please also note: Returns are not possible with curb-side pick-up. 

      Curb-side Pick-up Order Instructions:

      • 1.Order your products online.
      • 2.Select “Store pick-up.”
      • 3.Wait for us to notify you by email that your order is ready for pick-up.
      • 4.Drive to the store. Follow the instructions below.
      • Please be aware that the safety of our staff and customers is of prime concern! By ordering your products for curb-side pick-up, you are agreeing to follow the instructions below. 

        Pick-up Instructions*:

        Please maintain social distancing at all times (i.e., minimum of six feet between you and other people—including staff and other customers.)

        We prefer that customers wear a mask during curb-side pick up.

        • 1.A store associate will be outside. Park your car in the parking lot.
          • a.Make sure you avoid others (i.e., minimum of six feet between you and other people—including staff and other customers.)
        • 2.Call out your order number to the associate or hold up a large sign with the order number written on it.
          • a.For safety, our associate will not approach your car for verbal clarification.
        • 3.Place the following items into the designated tray:
          • a.Your legal ID .
          • b.Your firearms license, if applicable.
        • 4.The associate will also record the following information:
          • a.Your license plate.
          • b.Make/model of your car.
        • 5.Step away from the tray (minimum 6 feet) so that the associate can retrieve your documents.
          • a.The associate will verify your information and return your documents to the tray.
        • 6.Once the associate has stepped away, retrieve your documents.
        • 7.Go back into your car.
        • 8.Drive to the designated pick-up area.
        • 9.An associate will place your items in the trunk, and then close it.
        • 10.Drive home and enjoy your purchase.

        * Please be aware that if a customer does not adhere to these steps, we reserve the right to refuse to provide this service.

2020 May 10th

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