Bushnell Impulse Cellular Trail Camera 20MP #119900CN

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Trail Cameras

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Product Number: 119900CN

Impulse will take your scouting and ability to pattern animals to the next level. Hyper image recovery sends more images quicker than any other cellular trail camera. Impulse is also smarter, capturing weather data including wind speed and direction as the image is captured. You can then sort through images based upon this data in the App and on the website.

Best in class image quality, superior battery life, and multiple cellular carrier options make this the most advanced cellular trail camera available today.


  • Hyper Image Recovery - Impulse takes an image every second vs 2-3 images per minute from other cellular cameras, giving you more images and more information each time an animal passes by
  • WIFI / Bluetooth Connectivity - Instantly change settings, aim camera, or download high resolution images from up to 150 feet away
  • Weather Data Image Tags - Each image is tagged with live weather data from the area at the time of image capture including wind speed & direction, barometric pressure, temperature, day/night, and more
  • Live Capture - Users can activate the camera live at any time to see what is happening in front of the lens
  • Active GPS - instant alerts if the camera is moved with real-time GPS mapping of the camera's location

Mobile App/Website Features*

  • Manage & View photos or videos
  • Manage camera settings remotely
  • Manage delivery options
  • Sort & Tag photos by weather data, moon phase, day/night time, and other attributes
  • Download high resolution images
  • Data Plan Information*
    • Connected by Rogers where coverage is available*
    • Connection required for image/video transmission
    • Start and Stop Impulse at any time

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