Survival & Navigation Supplies

Survival & Navigation Supplies

Be Prepared: Shop for Survival Equipment in Toronto

Anything can happen outdoors. Whether you're venturing out for an extended camping trip or a weekend hunt, it's essential to be prepared – especially if you're going somewhere far from civilization or traveling alone. Fortunately, you can prepare for the worst by shopping before your trip. At Al Flaherty's Outdoor Store, we make it easy to stock on things you might need in the event of an emergency.

 Our selection of navigational tools and survival equipment in Toronto includes everything from compasses and emergency blankets to bushcraft tools and signal flares. No matter if you're concerned about getting lost, twisting an ankle, or running into a wild animal, we have the products you need to explore the outdoors with confidence.

Serving Adventurers Since the 1940s

When we opened in the 1940s, we sold army surplus gear, hardware, and fishing rods, in addition to renting guns for hunting trips. As interest in the outdoor adventures grew, so did our inventory; over time, we expanded our focus to include more hunting, fishing, and camping supplies and became a true outdoor store. No matter how we've changed, we've always aimed to provide reliable products at great prices. Visit us today to explore our backwoods gear and other essential equipment for today's adventurer.

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