Federal American Eagle 5.7x28 FMJ 40 Grain Box of 50 #AE5728A

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Ammo - 5.7x28mm
Federal American Eagle 5.7x28 FMJ 40 Grain #AE5728A

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These FMJ target rounds for your FN57 or PS90 are a great way to get some solid range time.

Hit your target and train harder with the proven line of American Eagle® handgun ammunition. It provides performance similar to self-defense and competition loads for a familiar feel and realistic practice.


  • Clean-burning powders
  • Federal® primers and brass
  • Wide selection of bullet styles to suit target practice


  • Caliber: 5.7x28mm
  • Bullet Weight: 40 Grain
  • Type: Full Metal jacket
  • Velocity - 4.8" Test Barrel
  • Muzzle Velocity: 1655 fps
  • At 25 Yards: 1514 fps
  • At 50 Yards: 1387 fps
  • At 75 Yards: 1275 fps
  • At 100 Yards: 1179 fps
  • Volume: Package of 50 (cases of 10)

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