Only the Finest Firearm Supplies in Canada

Are you looking for that perfect hunting tool? Then look no further than our Canadian gun retailer. Al Flaherty’s sells high-quality shotguns, rifles, and firearm supplies in Canada to those who are looking for great firearms at competitive prices.

Everyone from beginners to professionals can find something useful when they come and shop with us. We have firearms that are designed for your shooting level to ensure that you are able to get the performance you need when you go hunting. Not sure what you are looking for? Then speak to one of our helpful staff members. We are more than happy to discuss your firearm needs with you to guide you toward a purchase you will be pleased with.

Can’t find a particular type of rifle or shotgun? Then contact us. We love firearms and know how to find the right match to fit what you are looking for. This helps you get a firearm you know you can count on when you are ready to pull the trigger. Don’t settle for anything less than the best. Always turn to the team at our gun retailer for great products and deals.

Why Sauer is a Name You Can Trust

There are many different high-quality rifles you can buy, but a brand that tends to stand out from the pack is Sauer. What makes Sauer rifles so universally loved? One reason is that this German gunmaker has been making them since 1751. That means Sauer has been producing, developing, and perfecting their rifles for almost three centuries. Whether you are looking at the Sauer 100, Sauer 404, or the Sauer SL5, you can rest easy knowing you are going to get a confidently stylish firearm backed with true precision. 

These beautiful bolt-action rifles are timeless with their technical and artistic perfection. From hunters to collectors, true aficionados recognize just how impressive Sauer rifles are, and will go out of their way to add one—or more—to their collection. 

Please take a moment to contact the knowledgeable and friendly team at Al Flaherty’s to learn more about Sauer rifles. We are happy to answer any questions or address any concerns you have about the firearms we offer. This helps you find the perfect rifle in Canada or the United States to meet your specific needs, desires, and budget. 

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