Slingshots & Accessories

Slingshots & Accessories

Hit the Target with Slingshots in Canada

It’s fun to get out for a day in the woods and shoot a target or two with slingshots in Canada. You can find the perfect one you have been looking for at Al Flaherty’s. We also have the accessories you are going to need as well.

 Daisy is the brand we carry because they are one of the best-known and most dependable makers of slingshots and air guns in the business.

Sure, you can pick up a pebble and fire that from your slingshot, but it is not great if you are looking for accuracy. It is much more fun when you can actually hit what you’re aiming for, and with specialized ammunition in the form of perfectly round balls, your chances for success are much higher. If you are the adventurous sort who wants to hunt small game with your slingshot, then having proper ammo is essential.

We also carry replacement parts if your band fails, as sometimes happens with a lot of usage or if you want to have a spare on hand just in case. Whether you are experienced with using slingshots or buying one as a gift, you can find the right one at an affordable price from Al Flaherty’s.

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