Waders & Fishing Boots

Waders & Fishing Boots

Your Home for High-Quality Waders and Fishing Boots in Toronto, ON

Take your fishing game to the next level! Anyone who has ever spent a day out on the water knows that wet feet and clothing can quickly ruin your day. You need high-quality equipment that will keep you dry and comfortable from the minute you put on your gear until the last fish has been reeled in. Depend on Al Flaherty's for an extensive selection of waders and fishing boots in Toronto, ON, that are designed with the needs of fishers in mind.

Helping You Stay Dry

Whether you prefer angling or fly fishing, it’s essential to stay comfortable. After all, fishing is your hobby--not your job. Here at Al Flaherty’s, we’ve assembled a vast inventory of boots and waders that will keep you happy, dry, and stress-free all day. We truly have something for fishers of all sizes, interests, and experience levels. 

Contact us today for more information about our waders and fishing boots, as well as our impressive inventory of fishing tools and accessories. Count on us for everything you need to reel in the catch of a lifetime. We look forward to hearing about your fishing adventures and helping you select the perfect outdoor footwear, waders, and fishing boots to make every trip one that you'll always remember.

How to Choose Waders & Boots 

Al Flaherty’s is proud to offer a wide range of fishing footwear, from Simms waders to Baffin boots. With so much selection, you may wonder which product best suits you. You’re welcome to ask our knowledgeable staff for a recommendation, but here is some basic advice to get you started. 

For waders, the most important thing to consider is the environments you intend to fish in. For example, if you intend to stick to shallow waters and slow-moving currents, hip waders should work perfectly for you. However, anglers who want as much versatility as possible should consider chest waders. Simms waders are one of our favorite brands for chest-high waters since they are both waterproof and comfortable. Even if you stay in the swallows, you’ll still find their products easy to wear. 

For boots, waterproofing is obviously important, but the number one thing you want to look for is traction. Without good traction, you will find yourself slipping and swimming with the fish rather than catching them. Plus, you want to buy the right fit. Typically, it’s recommended to buy one size up from your standard hiking boot size. Be sure to double-check the size information for each brand.

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