Gloves & Mitts

Gloves & Mitts

Our Gloves, and Mitts Make for Comfortable Camping in Canada

From shooting game to staying warm, there’s a range of reasons to pack a set of gloves and mitts in Canada when going on a camping trip. Al Flaherty’s is the ideal one-stop shop for coated grip, mitt liners, and other materials that fit your hands comfortably. You’re going to be doing a lot of zipping and unzipping backpacks, rolling out sleeping bags, and opening water bottles, so you’ll definitely want your fingers protected. Our vast array of inventory makes that easy to do, and our diverse styles can complement any aesthetic.

Equally as important as the hands and fingers are the feet and toes, and that’s what our outdoor footwear is for. We have waders, socks, laces, and boots for everything from hunting and hiking to fishing and winter in general. After all of our decades in the business, we’ve seen everything Canada’s terrain can throw at a camper and have the high-quality gear to keep you comfortable no matter where you are or what you’re doing. The right pair of boots or gloves helps you go further and see more while having fun and experiencing our nation’s beautiful nature up close.

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