Winter Headwear

Winter Headwear

Winter Headwear for Canada’s Coldest Climates

Balaclavas and beanies are must-haves for hunters, campers, and other outdoor enthusiasts. Al Flaherty’s has them all, right here in our diverse department of winter headwear. In Canada, snowfall is so constant that it’s always a good idea to take a hat with you to keep warm even in the wilderness. There are bright colours to stand out among the white snow or darker shades to blend into the background and keep your target from seeing you. All of them are competitively priced to ensure you get more for your money, and most are one-size-fits-all.

For fishing trips, salmon and steelhead gearare excellent accessories to go with these hats. The right gear can be the deciding factor in how many fish you catch, and when it’s built well like ours, it can last a good long time in any location. We have bait, floats, netting, and more to complete your collection and make catching salmon a cinch. When you’re preparing for your next trip to the great outdoors, make Al Flaherty’s your first stop. You’ll find everything you need in one convenient place with the high level of quality you expect and deserve.

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