Game Calls, Decoys & Attractants

Game Calls, Decoys & Attractants

Effective Game Calls, Attractants, & Decoys in Canada

There is nothing quite like the thrill of successfully tricking an animal into your trap through the use of game calls, attractants, or decoys in Canada. Accurately mimicking other animals with visual, audio, and scent trickery is a challenging, exciting, and interactive discipline that forces a hunter to learn detailed information about their quarry. This is information that will inevitably lead to more successful hunts as well as a deeper appreciation for the animals with which we are honored to share the woods.

Al Flaherty’s is proud to offer a wide selection of game calls, attractants, and decoys to help you achieve this next level of sophistication in your hunt. Whether you want to use musk to attract the attention of a big buck, a feeder hen to bring over some turkeys, or a call to bring that flock of birds into the air, we have you covered.

By improving your hunting gear and learning how to use it properly, you will find yourself becoming a more strategic and effective hunter. Contact us to discuss all of the different tools we have available for you to use on your next hunt. One of our helpful and knowledgeable staff members will be happy to guide you toward the right option to meet your needs.

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