Glasses Goggles and Accessories

Glasses Goggles and Accessories

Protective Shooting Glasses in Canada

Hunting is a fun sport, but it is also a dangerous one if you are not careful. That is why Al Flaherty’s is proud to offer an assortment of protective gear, including earmuffs and shooting glasses in Canada, to ensure that you avoid the risk of premature sight or hearing loss.

The best part about the ballistic glasses and other eyewear we offer isn’t just that they are functional—but that they also look good. This makes it even easier for you to remember to wear your protective eyewear when you go precision shooting with your guns.

Contact us today to learn more about our wide selection of glasses and goggles for the range, hunting, and fishing. We know that you are going to appreciate the superior protection, style, comfort, and durability of the items we have for sale.

State-of-the-Art Night Vision Optics

When you want to take your hunting game into the night, you are going to need our cutting-edge night vision optics to help you track your prey when the sun goes down. At our outdoor store, you are going to find an assortment of special goggles that allow you to put your shooting skills to work when it comes to hunting nocturnal animals.




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