Helping Fishers as a Jigs Supplier in Canada

You don’t want to be the person who can only tell fishing stories about “the one that got away.” Those kinds of people are a dime a dozen. You want to be the angler with trophies mounted on the wall and the photos to back up stories of your prowess on the water. When you make us at Al Flaherty’s a partner in your success, your trust will be rewarded. As a jigs supplier in Canada, we are known from the Atlantic to the Pacific to the Arctic for the quality of the fishing and hunting, and outdoor equipment we offer. 

Our inventory includes whatever you need for a casual day of wetting a line or multi-day guided fishing expedition, such as Simms fishing tools, including vests, pants, waders, gloves, and jackets. Having the best possible equipment always makes a fishing trip enjoyable and landing a big one makes it that much better.

We can’t catch the fish for you, but our team at Al Flaherty’s is ready to supply all of the tools and tackle that you need to be as prepared as possible. Shop with us today for all of the supplies you need for your next adventure.

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