Ice Fishing Gear

Ice Fishing Gear

The Best Ice Fishing Rods in Canada

There is nothing like going ice fishing when wintertime comes around, but if you don’t have the right ice fishing gear, you might find yourself coming home empty-handed. One of the most important tools you can bring to one of these fishing trips is ice fishing rods in Canada.

Al Flaherty’s has you covered when you need a rod made for the ice. Contact us today to learn more about all of the different types of ice fishing rods and equipment we have to offer you.

What’s So Special About Ice Fishing Rods

Trying to go ice fishing with a regular rod and reel is a recipe for failure. If you want to make your trip worthwhile, you are going to want to bring an ice fishing rod instead. These rods are much shorter than regular rods, making it easier to fish directly below you instead of casting your lure deep into a body of water. That makes it much easier to stay comfortable and fish from your ice shack, pop-up tent, or other shelter.

Comfort isn’t the only plus to these rods, either. They are also built with extra sensitivity. Why is that important? Well, during the winter, the cold-blooded fish become much more sluggish. That means their lure strikes are very subtle. Ice rods will help you detect those bites when regular rods wouldn’t. These rods are also much easier to use when it comes to fighting a fish through a small hole in the ice—which is a much different experience than fighting a fish in open water.

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