Survival and PFD

Survival and PFD

Stay Safe When Boating with a Personal Floatation Device in Canada

It is a lot of fun to be out boating, sailing, or canoeing. There is also a slight element of risk depending on the weather and the swimming skills of people on board. Mishaps can occur, and someone may end up falling in. Even if that person is comfortable in and around the water and is an excellent swimmer, it is always wise to have them wear a personal floatation device in Canada.

 In some jurisdictions, it is not just a good idea to wear a personal floatation device (also known as a PFD); it is mandatory. So make sure your vessel, regardless of its size, is fully equipped with enough PFDs for every person on board.

PFDs come in a range of types and styles. Some are simple inflatable ones that are unobtrusive for when you are working and need freedom of movement, while others are complete survival suits that protect you from head to toe. We have both of those at Al Flaherty’s as well as everything in between for a leisurely canoe trip or sailing adventure.

Contact us today if you have any questions about which personal floatation device will be the best one for you or to place an order.

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