Ammunition Storage

Ammunition Storage

Safe & Secure Gun Storage in Canada

If you have ever been out hunting, you already know just how important it is to have some form of ammo management device with you. Ammunition or gun storage in Canada enables you to pursue your prey while being able to reach your ammo in a way that is convenient, comfortable, and easy to access in a hurry.

The storage options available from Al Flaherty’s are sure to impress you. Whether you are attaching a buttstock holder to the back of your rifle or carrying around a waterproof ammo box, you are going to find that our ammunition storage options are a must-have any time you go hunting.

A Hunter’s Best Friend

Carrying around loose rounds in your pocket can cause all sorts of problems for hunters. The ammo can become damaged, it can rattle and scare away prey, and sometimes it can just be a challenge to dig out a round when you need it the most. With ammo storage and holders, you are able to not only bring more shells with you, but will also avoid many of the annoying problems that come with not having a proper carrying case with you.

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