Frequently asked questions

Q: There is no Store Pick-up Option!
A: The Store Pick-up option is available after one puts in their home address as their shipping address. This is to ensure that your location is close enough to the Store to allow for a pick-up.

Q: Can ammunition and firearms be ordered and shipped together?

A: Ammunition and firearms must be ordered on separate orders and shipped with different carriers.

Q: Can I combine 2 separate orders to qualify for free shipping?

A: We are not able to offer free shipping on separate orders. 

Q: Do you ship firearms and/or ammunition outside of Canada?
A: Unfortunately, no. Due to the nature of the laws both within and outside of Canada, we can only ship within the country.

Q: How much is shipping?
A: The shipping is calculated based on a number of factors. The factors being the distance travelled, the mass and size of the package, proximity to a major city center, and the type of shipping chosen.

Q: I'd like to purchase X, but it's not on your website. How would I go about making a special order?
A: For this, we will require you to send us an email on our contact page with the manufacturer's model number, a short description, and a request for the item in question. For records purposes, we cannot take a special order over the phone.

Q: Is there a parking lot?
A: Yes! Our parking is located at the side of the building alongside Eversfield Road. Parking is free for all customers.

Q: Is your website up to date?
A: The website updates once every 10 seconds. As such, it is up to date.

Q: Do you sell parts?
A: All of our available parts are on our website. Some parts (springs, some trigger groups, firing pins, etc) are only available through the appropriate gunsmiths and/or warranty centers.

Q: Do you sell live bait?
A: We sell night crawlers (worms). They are available primarily between Spring and Fall. There are no leeches, minnows, or crayfish.

Q: Where are you located?
A: 2066 Dufferin Street. Toronto, ON, Canada. Nearest major intersection is Dufferin and Eglington West.

Q: Do you take consignment?
A: No, we do not accept items on consignment.

Q: (product) is sold out. Are you expecting more? If so when?
A: Most of the items labelled "temporarily sold out" is already currently on order. That said, there is no ETA as to when they will arrive. Shipments of new products are subject to many different factors beyond our control.

Q: I put in my PAL for an order. Do I need to bring mine when I come to pick up?
A: Yes. A valid, up-to-date PAL or RPAL is required. We do not accept photos or photocopies of PAL.


Q: Am I required to be a member of a gun club to purchase a restricted firearm?

A: You require a valid gun club membership in all provinces except if you reside in Ontario, in which case you can mark this section of your order as n/a.  

Q: How long will it take until my Store Pickup order is ready?
A: Generally speaking, the order will take approximately 30 minutes to 1 hour for it to be ready. That said, you will be notified via E-mail when the order is ready.