Swivels Clips and Leaders

Swivels Clips and Leaders

Your Trusted Swivels Supplier in Canada

There is nothing that can turn a good time fishing into a real headache like getting your equipment damaged. Thankfully, Al Flaherty’s has a wide selection of fishing supplies designed to help you reduce the risk of tangles, twists, and damage to your line and gear.

As your fishing combos and swivels supplier in Canada, we carry all of the gear you need to make your next fishing trip a fun one. These items are essential pieces for your tackle box since they are one of the only things that can prevent your fishing line from twisting and tangling when you cast it or when you hook a particularly feisty fish.

Your Next Fishing Trip Starts Here

Swivels are small, pill-shaped pieces of metal that connect two portions of your fishing line together using tiny loops or hooks. These hooks are then connected to the central part of the metal, which allows your line to move 360 degrees. This is essential when trolling and very helpful when casting. It also gives you and your line freedom of movement without leaving you in knots. When it comes time to reel in your big catch, you will not find yourself fighting your line just as much as you are fighting the fish. Contact us for more information about our swivels, clips, and leaders.

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