The Best Selection of Multitools in Canada

If being prepared is the Boy Scout motto, they must have had a multitool. There’s a tradition of plaid shirts, rugged wilderness, and working hard in Canada, which is why this little gadget is probably in every Canadian’s tool kit. Multitools are the lifesavers of every hunter, angler, hiker, or camper, and if you head out on an outdoor adventure without one, you’ll likely regret it.

Compact Versatility

Although there are several types of multitools, they all share traits in common; they are versatile, adaptable, and indispensable. Al Flaherty’s team knows they are leaders among the essential elements required for a trip into the great outdoors. No one has ever made it through a hunting expedition, camping trip, or fishing adventure without needing to cut, tighten, or remove something. The multitool steps in to humbly assist.

Everything You Need

Packed into this handy little device are knife blades, screwdrivers, saws, scissors, files, and tweezers, and that’s to start. Most multitools have more than a dozen items, all contained in one product that slips easily into your pocket. Don’t overlook the important details; place your order for everything from the unassuming multitool to hunting knife sharpeners

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