Knives, Tools & Lights

Knives, Tools & Lights

Knives, Tools & Lights


When out in the wilderness, it pays to be prepared. It’s better to have the equipment and not need it than need it and not have it. Al Flaherty’s selection of tools, lights, and hunting knives in Toronto will never let you down. Complete your kit with all the equipment necessary for a successful adventure in nature.

Hunting Knives

Our hunting knives are excellent quality products of various sizes for a variety of purposes. No matter your preference for blade length, edge, or grip, the knife you need is just a click away. Count on our hunting knives to remain sharp and ready for action whenever you require.

Lights & Batteries

Light up the night with reliable flashlights and headlamps. Whether you need waterproof, lightweight, heavy-duty, or pen-sized, we have the lumens you’re looking for. And remember to stock up on batteries so you aren’t left standing in the dark.

Tools & Equipment

When you spend your time in nature, you must have dependable tools and equipment to ensure you get safely home. Put your trust in our quality products, and enjoy your adventures in the wild.

Check out our extensive selection of hunting knives, tools, and lights. Please call if you have questions about any of our items.

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