Blade-Tech Thigh Rig Black #ACCX0072AA0011AM

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Not all Thigh Rigs are created equal. BladeTech's Thigh Rig features a swivel loop and velcro strap system that allows for a full range of motion without compromising stability or adding unnecessary, bulky material to your rig. The Thigh Rig allows you to have a stable platform for attaching Blade-Tech holsters and attachments.

Rubber is woven directly into the fabric of the inner facing thigh straps to eliminate unwanted shifting and maximize comfort. The buckle attachment is designed for compatibility with Blade Tech's Tactical Modular Mount System (TMMS) making every inch of real estate on this rig incredibly useful for carrying a variety of Blade-Tech gear.


  • Swivel Joint
  • Industrial Grade Velcro
  • Rubber Woven Straps
  • Compatible with TMMS
  • Dimensions: 5.25" x 7"


  • 1x Thigh Plate
  • 1x Drop Strap w/ Swivel Clip
  • 2x Tri Clip
  • 2x Male Squeeze Clip
  • 2x Thigh Strap w/ Female Buckle
  • 5x 7/6" Truss Head Screw
  • 2x 0.25" Rubber Spacers
  • 3x 3/8" Post
  • 2x 5/8" Post
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