Benchmade Knives: The Benchmark in Quality

Benchmade Knives in Canada

In 1987, Benchmade began its operations with one simple principle: real quality lasts forever. Today, their brand is known for long-lasting, dependable products made from the most reputable materials. Whether you need a knife for hunting, exploring the outdoors, or everyday use, Benchmade has a blade for you—and Al Flaherty’s has got it in stock.

We’re pleased to sell Benchmade knives in Canada and the United States. Our store stocks a wide variety ofproducts, including fixed-blade knives, folding knives, spearpoint knives, and much more. Contact our team to learn more about Benchmade blades and find the perfect one for your particular needs.

Built Different

Nowadays, you often hear people remark, “They don’t make things the way they used to.” Planned obsolescence has become a core business tenant for many brands, ensuring customers will have to buy their products over and over again.

Benchmade knives are different. They built their reputation on blades that withstand the test of time, and today continue to deliver exceptional products that maintain their reputation. For decades, they’ve been committed to quality, innovations, and responsible business ethics—and they aren’t changing any time soon. Buy a Benchmade blade today, and it will last a lifetime.

2022 Sep 15th

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