The Importance of Sport Optics

The Importance of Sport Optics

Seeing clearly, often over long distances, is vital for many outdoor pursuits. If you’re a hunter, you know what we mean.

The team at Al Flaherty’s knows all about it as they’ve been supplying sport optics across Canada for more than 70 years. In this post, they decided to share some knowledge on the importance of sport optics.

Imagine sitting at the edge of a clear cut and see something moving along the far side. Before you decide to risk a shot, you have to make certain what it is, right? That’s when the value of a crystal-clear high-magnification scope makes itself known. A glance will tell you that it’s the trophy buck you’ve been stalking for weeks, and the shot is yours.

Before you even go hunting, you need to make sure your firearm is zeroed-in. At the range, a spotting scope is ideal, and you can see how close to the bullseye you are without repeatedly marching the length of the range, or hoisting a pair of binoculars to check the target.

Binoculars are very helpful in other situations. They’re great for birdwatchers or hikers who like to take in the landscape over vast distances.

But optics are only as good as the care you provide for them. It makes a lot of sense to protect these valuable pieces of gear by providing proper cleaning and maintenance regularly. Also, accessories like shooting glasses, carrying cases, mounts, and protective covers are all part of the game.

2019 Nov 12th

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