Topwater Fishing Tips to Make Your Father’s Day Outing a Success

In the United States, topwater fishing can help make Father’s Day memorable. Topwater fishing is the right call when you’re looking for quiet solitude interrupted by the thrill of the chase. Aggressive fish species like bass hit the lure, explode out of the water, and provide an exciting fight to the finish.

Help make this Father’s Day a fishing success with a few simple tips to improve Dad’s chances:

Topwater Fishing in United States

Fish Off a Dock

To protect their fry post-spawn, male bass hide in dark places, so drop your topwater lure behind docks and in shady spots on hot days.

Mind Your Speeds

A general rule for topwater fishing is usually the cooler the water, the slower the retrieve.

Make Some Noise

When it’s windy and the water is choppy, try noisy topwater lures like chuggers or propeller-style baits. They are easier for bass to find on a choppy surface.

Check for Followers

If you notice a fish following your lure, keep a steady pace instead of stopping, as the fish might lose interest.

Cast Deep in Clear Water

Make long casts in clear water and use a braided line for working along the surface. It doesn’t stretch and creates a better hookset when a bass strikes the lure during a long-distance delivery.

Treat Dad to a day on the water with topwater fishing; no one ever regrets time spent making wonderful memories that will last a lifetime. 

2022 Jun 15th

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