Types of Ammunition in Toronto, ON

For many who are not knowledgeable in the firearm department, ammunition in Toronto, ON, can be an intimidating topic. Selecting the right type of ammunition for your firearms (whether for target or hunting) is a critical decision. Having the proper ammunition is necessary for optimal performance and for keeping your firearm safe. This topic can be confusing or overwhelming, but here are some crucial points.

The type of ammunition is typically indicated by a measurement. The American commercial market uses a U.S standard measurement while the rest of the world uses the metric system. The measurements in metric are usually a "diameter to length" ratio. Shot shells are measured in "gauge." For example, a 12 gauge shell is 70mm long, which works out to be 2½ inches.

Parts of a Cartridge

Ammunition cartridges comprise four different components: case, primer, powder/propellant, and projectile.

Case- The case is usually made from brass, nickel, or steel.

Primer- The primer is the ignition for the propellant. You can see the round dimple on the base of the cartridge.

Powder/Propellant- This is the gunpowder.

Projectile- This is the actual bullet and is the only part of the cartridge that flies through the air to the target.

2020 Oct 7th

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