Working with Attractants and Cover Scents While Deer Hunting

Get ready to bag big game this deer season by making good use of your cover scent and deer attractant scent. In Canada and the United States, skilled hunters follow these principles.

Work with the Wind

While hunting, the wind can be your friend or your enemy. Even if you are using an effective deer cover scent, it is best to keep downwind of your target area since these animals have very keen noses. Likewise, you can douse a rag with an attractant and drag it around the words in the upwind zone to lure prey into your sites.

Circle Around

You should always begin and finish your trail in a loop around your cover-scented blind or tree stand. Circling around improves your chances of bringing a buck into your range and not scaring him off.

Spray Your Clothes

If you’re not hunting in a well-sealed blind, you need to conceal your scent. The best way to do this is to wash your clothes and avoid exposing them to any strong scent before your hunting trip. Before heading into the woods, spray them in a deer cover scent for maximum concealment. Even if you are using a good blind, you should probably also use a cover scent to avoid spreading your smell around the woods while setting up.

2022 Nov 16th

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