Browning Choke Tubes Invector Plus Extended 12 Gauge

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Choke Tubes
Browning Choke Tubes Invector Plus Extended 12 Gauge

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Product Number: 11322

Invector Plus design extended for longer tapers, better patterns and greater ease of use.

Extend your shooting abilities. These tubes are longer for a number of reasons. First, better patterning. Second, you can insert or remove them quickly with your fingers if necessary.  Invector-Plus extended tubes are constructed of highly polished, 17-4 stainless steel for the ultimate in performance and durability. They are available in constrictions ranging from Skeet to Full.


  • Knurled portion extends beyond the end of the barrel for easy removal and installation
  • Longer choke taper inside Invector-Plus choke tubes for use with back-bored barrels
  • Produces excellent patterns with uniform densities
  • Set to industry constriction standards
  • Threaded for 12 gauge Invector-Plus back-bored barrels only


  • Improved Cylinder - #1132283
  • Improved Modified - #1132263
  • Modified - #1132273
  • Skeet - #1132293
  • Full - #1132253

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