Allen EZ Aim Adhesive Splash 1" Bulleseye Target #15250

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EZ-Aim™ Adhesive Splash 1-inch Bullseye Target By Allen 12 Sheets
Product Description
With these 1-inch adhesive bullseyes, you can peel and stick them on existing targets to cover up bullet holes to extend the life of your target. You can also make your own target by simply peeling the bullseye off the sheet and sticking it to a piece of paper. Wherever you need a bullseye this EZ-Aim™ target pack is for you.
Feature 1
Designed to Maximize Accuracy
Feature 2
See Your Shots Impact
Feature 3
Flaking Paper and Splash Technology Show Bright Yellow Impact Holes
Feature 4
Adhesive Backed So You Can Attach the Target to Most any Cardboard, Plywood Target Stand or Steel Target.

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Additional Information

Target - Flaking
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