Benelli Nova Speed 12 Gauge, 24 in. Barrel, 3 in. Chamber. #A0567700

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Shotgun - Pump Action
  • Benelli Nova Speed 12 Gauge, 24 in. Barrel, 3 in. Chamber. #A0567700
  • Benelli Nova Speed 12 Gauge, 24 in. Barrel, 3 in. Chamber. #A0567700

Expected release date is 2021 Dec 23rd

CAD $1,399.77


intended for IPSC competition in the Standard Manual Division, our Nova Speed is part of the Benelli pump action family and integrates many of the experiences
gained with it, with the numerous suggestions received from the world of the Practical, to create a shotgun immediately ready for action, designed by professionals
for professionals.

Unlike its brothers, it does not have a polymeric receiver armed with a metal skeleton, but a machined receiver in lightweight aeronautical-grade alloy. The Nova Speed is chambered 12/76, which means 13 millimeters less travel, multiplied by two, and therefore about 3 centimeters less that the forearm will have to travel. In competition, the difference is considerable. In addition, the characteristic Air-Touch checkering on the handle and forearm facilitates the natural aeration of the shooter’s hand, improving hold grip.

 Without going into technicalities, let us only say that inserting the cartridges into the Nova Speed magazine is quick and easy: the effort to overcome the stop tooth will be minimal, the cartridge pusher/spring assembly absolutely smooth, all scratching or stiffeners will be absent and the effort used to insert the cartridge will not rise excessively as the number of rounds inserted into the magazine progresses.

The Nova Speed barrels are equipped with a complete set of cryogenic chokes, including three 7 cm internal nickel-plated chokes (**, ***, ****) and two 9 cm knurled chokes with external ring nut: one for shots that require the maximum concentration of the shot pattern

The magazine tube is firmly bound to the barrel by a lightweight red anodized alloy cross, which in addition to giving the shotgun its characteristic sporty look, guarantees perfect mating, leaving the tube free from any bottlenecks and allowing smooth and precise feeding.

The “heart” of the Nova Speed consists of the bolt assembly with rotating bolt, which ensures unfailing robustness and tightness combined with smooth
operation. The result is a fast, precise and safe shot, which means faster target acquisition.

The Nova Speed weighs 3.3 kg and a maximum length of 1324 mm measured from the recoil pad to the end of the magazine tube extension; the standard LOP (length of pull) is 365 mm which may be increased by replacing the shock-absorbing
polyurethane recoil pad.

The first and only shotgun made specifically for IPSC professionals, Nova Speed is packed with Benelli technological know-how and is ready to shake up the world of Practical Shooting.


  • 10 Shot Magazine Tube (2 3/4” Shells)
  • ComforTech 3 Recoil Reducing System
  • Combtech Comb
  • Racing Grey Anodized Alloy Receiver Finish
  • Black Techno-Polymer Stock & Forend
  • 10mm Wide Steel Rib
  • Red Fiber Optic Front Sight
  • Foldable Rear Sight
  • 3 Crio Interchangeable Flush Chokes (IM, M, IC)
  • 2 Crio Extended Chokes (Long Shot Sport, Ampliator Sport)
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