Beretta Choke Tubes Mobilchoke Victory Extended 12 Gauge #C614

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Product Number: C614

Maximize your performance & flexibility with Victory Mobilchokes for your favorite 12 gauge shotgun.

These Competition chokes can be used on all Mobilchoke barrels. Made of high quality steel, they are of a great stress resistance due to heat treatments. They are subjected to a special coating that guarantees high protection to corrosion. They are extended by 25mm-0.98” and their external shape has been studied in order to guarantee installation and removal without specific tools. The end of the choke is identified by a colored alloy stripe for fast and easy indication of the constriction.


  • Beretta Silver Pigeon I (field models), A300 Outlander, 687 (field models), Some 391 Models, A303/304, 687, 687L, 687EL, 687EELL Diamond Pigeon, 680, 682, 682 Gold


  • Cylinder - JCMEV18 / C61487 - ****
  • Improved Cylinder - JCMEV16 / CC61485 - ****
  • Improved Modified - JCMEV14 / C61482 - **
  • Modified - JCMEV15 / C61483 - ***
  • Skeet- JCMEV17 / C61486 - SK USA
  • Full - JCMEV13 / C61480 - *

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Additional Information

Choke Tubes
Shell Gauge:
12 Gauge
Choke System:
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