A Beginner’s Guide to Tikka Rifles: What You Need to Know

Tikka rifles are a trusted brand for hunters across Canada and the United States. One of the most popular types of Tikka rifles is the Tikka T3X Lite. What makes this such an excellent firearm for backcountry hunting? Our outdoors store unravels the mystery and fills you in on exactly why so many hunters are turning to this rifle when they go out hunting.

Impressive Stock – Tikka’s custom stock is impressive and includes a shock absorbing, foam-filled rear portion that results in significant reduction of the recoil felt upon firing.

1-Inch Recoil Pad – Since this Tikka is such a lightweight rifle, you are more likely to experience a much higher recoil. To accommodate this, Tikka has installed a 1-inch recoil pad at the butt of the stock. While this doesn’t entirely eliminate the kick, it does dampen the recoil to allow for a much more comfortable experience.

Accuracy – Tikka rifles have an outstanding reputation when it comes to accuracy—and it is well earned. The overall balance of the T3X and its premium quality components delivers a 1” MOA to its users.

Trigger – An accurate rifle needs a flawless trigger; that is precisely what you get from the T3X. This smooth, adjustable single-stage trigger provides the response you need.

2023 Apr 13th

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