Choosing the Right Gear for Your Spring Turkey Hunt

Spring is here, which means it is time to get out there and start hunting turkey! However, before you start your spring turkey hunt, it is essential to make sure you are adequately equipped. Here are just some of the different hunting tools you want to have with you before you head out on an expedition:

Turkey Calls – Lure Your Target in to Ensure a Clean Kill

Turkey Decoys – Attract the Tom or the Entire Flock with a Lifelike Decoy

Hunting Boots – Keep Your Feet Warm & Dry When Moving Through Dew-Soaked Fields

Face Mask – Effectively Hide from Your Game

Blind Chair & Stool – Makes It Easy to Stay Steady & Calm as Your Wait for the Turkeys

Ground Blind – Conceal Yourself from Turkeys & Unstable Weather Conditions

Camouflage Apparel – Turkeys Have Great Eyesight, but They Can’t See What They Can’t Find

GPS – Perfect for Positioning, Navigation, & Timing

Binoculars – Watch for Turkeys from Afar

Knife – Perfect for Cleaning Game in the Field or Cutting Wood

Being properly prepared before you go hunting is one of the most important parts of having an exciting time. So don’t ruin your trip by being under-equipped; instead, make sure you are stocked up with all the hunting gear and tools you need to have a rewarding expedition.

2023 Apr 13th

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