How to Choose the Right Rifles for You: Sauer or Tikka Rifles?

You have found yourself narrowing down your search among some of the best rifles in the industry today. Maybe you go with a Sauer rifle? Perhaps you want to try Tikka rifles in the United States and Canada? While the choice can be daunting—and if you’re looking at trusted brands like these, you aren’t likely to go wrong—there are some things you can consider to make your search easier.

First, determine your current level of experience. If you are brand-new to shooting, then it is probably a good idea to go with a light caliber. A .22 caliber, for example, is very affordable, easy to come by, and much more accessible to shoot and control than a higher caliber rifle. That makes it a great learning tool so that you will be ready to purchase a larger caliber by the time you are prepared for it. The best thing about a .22 for learners is, the ammo is cheap and easy to obtain. Learning the fundamentals of shooting will happen quicker when you can afford to shoot as much as you want.

Second, consider what type of hunting you plan on doing. An update on an old saying is that a .22 is a squirrel gun, a .22 magnum is a rabbit gun, a .30 is a deer gun, and a .300 magnum is a bear gun. If you aren’t planning on hunting big game, then there isn’t a reason to purchase the highest caliber rifle.

Finally, make sure you are shopping for quality, trusted brands such as Sauer or Tikka. You might find other options that are cheaper, but you might be giving up accuracy, durability, and safety for minor cost savings.

2023 Jan 19th

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