How to Pick the Right Fishing Lure

Fishing Lures in Toronto

No matter what kind of fish you’re trying to hook, it’s important to pick the right lure. However, when you browse our expansive selection of fishing lures in Toronto, you may find yourself at a loss. Don’t worry—by following these tips; you can choose the lure that’s right for your fishing trip.

Match the Profile to the Prey: Your lure should resemble your target’s dominant prey specie’s Profile. For example, if the fish typically goes for long, skinny prey, choose a lure with a long, skinny profile.

Match the Water’s Color: Green-colored lures tend to work better in green waters, while blue ones are more effective in blue water. Be sure to also choose a lure with good color contrast so that fish notice it. Mepps fishing luresare a good brand for a sharp contrast.

Consider the Clarity of the Water: If you’re fishing in muddy or discolored water, the fish are likely used to homing in on prey via movement. Thus, you should pick something that vibrates. However, if the water is clear, a vibrating lure might spook them.

When in Doubt, Choose an Old Stand-By: Fish are capricious creatures, so even the most strategic approach can fail. When you’re not having any luck, try products that have been fishermen’s favorites for decades, like Mepps fishing baits and lures.

2022 Aug 10th

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