The Basics of Long-Range Precision Shooting Competitions

Getting started in long-range precision shooting in the United States requires a commitment to training, the right equipment, and an eye for the target. Precision Rifle Series competitions are currently the most popular because they challenge the shooter more than other disciplines. Competitors must hit targets at varying distances from multiple, often awkward positions. This sport is at the height of skills testing for long-range precision shooters.

The Tools of the Trade

The correct equipment is essential for any sport, but precision shooting requires finely-tuned rifles and scopes that must perform under pressure. A cool head and years of practice are requisite for this type of competition. Shooters are expected to make accurate shots under various conditions in a timed event, so reliable equipment is critical to success.

Equipment with a Competitive Edge

Long-Range Precision Shooting in United States

Competitors will need an accurate rifle, a predictable scope, and precision ammunition. You should also include a bipod, shooting bag, atmospheric-pressure device, and tripod in your toolkit. While most serious competitors eventually upgrade to a custom rifle, beginners can start with off-the-shelf precision rifle models that help hone their skills.

An essential element of your rifle is comfort. If you expect to take your long-range precision shooting skills to the next level, you must be confident in the weight, handling, and ease of operation. 

2022 Jun 15th

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