The Benefits of Having Essential Carp Gear For Your Next Fishing Trip

The Benefits of Having Essential Carp Gear For Your Next Fishing Trip

There is a lot of excellent, reasonably priced carp gear in Toronto, ON, available on the market. But, like most hobbies and sports, it's easy to overspend into the thousands. So, where do you start when you want to be successful at carp fishing as a hobby? Let's take a look at some essential gear you're going to need.


Carp fishing rods are a central element in carp gear and are often categorized in length and test curve. The test curve is the amount of weight required to bring the tip of the rod to a 90-degree angle while the butt end is held horizontally. This measurement gives us a guide to the stiffness/power of one rod compared to another.

The test curve on this piece of carp gear is not the sole indicator of casting capability. The rod's action is a better indicator of a rod's casting potential. Typically, three types of action tend to be referred to:

  • Through-Action
  • Semi-Fast
  • Fast Taper

However, there is a whole spectrum of actions between these three and many points in the spectrum where the action's definition is a matter of opinion.


As part of your carp gear, carp reels fall into two main categories. The most popular is a free spool-type reel (most anglers refer to these as baitrunners® – a Shimano trademark). With these, when a carp picks up your bait and is hooked, it can be startled and swim off at great speed. Without having a free spool system on your reel, your carp rod and reel would be dragged into the water.


There are two types of fishing line for your carp gear: monofilament and fluorocarbon line. The monofilament line is typically cheaper and has a better breaking strain for its diameter. However, due to the makeup of fluorocarbon, the fluorocarbon line has the same light-reflective index as water. This means that it is invisible in water once it is lying on the lake bed. And as it is also a sinking line, it sits nicely on the bottom of the lake bed out of the eyes of the carp as they swim near your rigs.

2020 Sep 4th

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