The Best Camp Tools in Toronto, and How to Use Them

The Best Camp Tools in Toronto, and How to Use Them

Camping is about more than a tent and a fire. Modern technology and a long legacy of innovation by great explorers allow contemporary wilderness enthusiasts to make the most of their experiences by employing the right camp tools in Toronto. While there are countless options to choose from, here are a few of our favorites:

A Great Knife -- This might seem like a given, but the utility of a quality knife can’t be understated. From an all-purpose tool to an emergency resource for self-defense, this simple addition to your camping kit can do it all.

The All-Weather Wallet -- You never know for certain what terrain or weather you might run into in the wilderness. A surprise sheet of rain or snow could damage important licenses and documents that you carry with you. This protective casing keeps your most essential items safe from the elements.

Camp Trash Cans -- Part of living the wilderness is trying to preserve it for future generations. These easy-to-carry devices keep trash contained for easy transport and ensure that you don’t leave behind a mess or attract unwelcome wildlife with loose garbage.

Waterproof Matchboxes -- Available in both plastic and metal varieties, these durable containers keep your matches safe from moisture, ensuring easy access to fire when you need it most.

2019 Aug 9th

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