The Equipment You Need for Salmon Drift Rod Fishing

When it comes to trying to catch salmon with drift rod fishing in Canada or the United States, it is important to head out to the water with the right type of equipment. Here is a list of all the essentials you will need to get started:

A Lightweight Spinning Rod – Anything up to 10 pounds is suitable for drift rod fishing. Remember that the stronger the currents, the heavier you will want your drift rod. With an 8-to-10-pound rod, you stand a good chance at getting the upper hand when dealing with a larger catch. Remember to look for a rod with a semi-soft tip to make sure you detect bites when the hook is set in the salmon’s mouth.

A Spinning or Baitcasting Reel with Line – If you are an experienced fisherman, baitcasting reels might be a perfect choice since they are a little more technical. However, novices can still succeed with a no-frills spinning reel.

120 Meters of High Visibility Line with Monofilament Backing – The last thing you want to happen is to lose the catch of your life because your line is not up to par. Monofilament lines give you the extra grip and control you will need to catch a decent fish. Keep in mind that visibility is vital when you are drift fishing, especially with multiple lines, as it makes it easier to assess how your lines are drifting.

Pencil Lead – Pencil lead coils can be cut to size and used with your rig to help create various weighting options to keep your bait clear of the bottom.

Size Two Hooks – As some of the largest fishing hooks on the market, these big sharp hooks are a statement of intent when you go fishing for salmon.

Lures & Bait – When it comes to fishing for salmon, live bait and flashy lures are an ideal combination.

2022 Oct 17th

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