Tips for Choosing the Right Beretta Over & Under for Your Needs

When you are in the market for a shotgun, you might be wondering if a Beretta over and under hunting shotgun is the right option for you. Through the years, these over and under shotguns have found themselves overtaking the classic side-by-side shotguns in popularity across the United States and Canada. This is most evident in competitive shooting because these shooters only want to use a gun that provides an edge.

So why exactly are these professional shooters and hunters turning to over and under styles more often? For one reason, both of the barrels on an over and under shotgun are aligned directly with the rear sight of the firearm, which is the shooter’s dominant eye. This makes it much easier for a shooter to see around and below the barrels, which is important when shooting gamebirds flushed from cover or rising clay targets.

Another reason why more hunters are choosing Beretta’s over and under shotguns is the differing ways they deal with recoil. Since an over and under shotgun is about a pound heavier, there is more weight to help absorb recoil. With a classic side-by-side, the recoil is in a horizontal plane, which can result in the shotgun twisting in your hands. This makes it harder to get back on target before taking your second shot. This is far less of an issue with an over and under.

2023 Apr 13th

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