Tips & Tactics for Tracking Turkeys

Often, a successful turkey hunt comes down to your tracking skills and having the right equipment. When you stock up on quality turkey hunting gear in Canada, you’ll find yourself in the right place at the right time to make your day out worth the effort.

Invest in quality equipment, pick your location, and follow these tried-and-true tips to improve your odds:

Pinpoint Where They Roost

Scout the area and get an idea of where the flock likes to roost. Because turkeys tend to have preferred trees, you can arrive early in the morning once you know where they settle down for the night.

Get Up Early

Being early never works against you, especially if you are hunting in a popular spot. Get to the turkey roost before the sun rises and settle in to wait for dawn.

Carry More Calls Than You Need

Your turkey hunting gear should include various calls since some birds like some calls more than others. Test them out to see what works on that particular day.

Have Patience

The most important tool you carry is patience. This lesson is usually the first any hunter will learn. Once you’ve perfected this skill, you can expect to bring home more trophies than ever before.

2022 Apr 18th

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