Why CRKT Knives Are a Must-Have for Every Survivalist's Gear Collection

When people start looking for the best utility knives on the market, many of them will end up turning to CRKT knives in Canada and the United States. What makes these knives so special? Well, for more than 25 years, the team behind CRKT has been putting innovation and integrity first as they build products that endure and inspire.

Starting in 1994 in Oregon, CRKT was driven to bring beneficial technological advancements and new hunting product concepts to the market. This has led them to partnerships with a who’s who list of the world’s best custom knife makers and designers. These collaborations have resulted in knives that are visually stunning and technically superior to the competition, featuring innovations that have defined the cutting edge of the industry.

Whether they are being used for everyday carry, tactical missions, hunting, fishing, or even survival situations, CRKT knives are purpose-built to instill confidence in the user that their equipment will be there to assist them every time they put it to the test—in the woods, on the mountains, or while fishing.

You deserve the highest-quality knives, and CRKT’s emphasis on excellence and efficiency means they are ready to deliver one to you.

2023 Mar 23rd

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