Why Simms Clothing Is the Ultimate Choice for Professional Anglers & Guides

It is no wonder that the best products are made by people who actively have to use those products. For example, take Simms Clothing in Canada and the United States. This company was initially started by an Englishman named William Simms, who began fishing as a young boy and fell in love with the sport. As he got older, he dedicated himself to creating clothing and gear specifically for his fishing passion.

Pretty quickly, people started to take notice of the quality of his products. This led Simms to begin selling his creations, including his fishing waders, across the world. Thanks to his hands-on experience and enthusiasm for fishing, Simms focused on creating useful hats, shirts, waders, and jackets designed to protect people from the sun, wind, and cold. His products feature UV protection, are water-resistant, and remain breathable to ensure they are durable and comfortable.

Simms didn’t stop with just making functional clothing—he also understood that fishermen still wanted to be able to show off their unique style. That is why we made sure to not only use high-quality materials when creating his products, but also make them available in a wide variety of stylish colors and designs. That makes Simms clothing an excellent choice for people who want to stay safe and look good when they are enjoying the great outdoors.

2023 Mar 23rd

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