Browning All Season Rifle Sling Black #122199925

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Padded non-slip textured, elastic cartridge loops, thumb loop for comfort and easy adjustment, metal sling swivels included.

A sling for all seasons. The All Season rifle sling gives you three primary benefits;

  • Carry your long gun comfortably, without it slipping off your shoulder.
  • You have three rounds readily accessible when you need them - no frantic searching through your pockets when you only have a few seconds to spare.
  • Comfortable and quickly adjust your sling with the thumb loop - go from carrying your rifle over your shoulder to across your back in no time flat.

Features and Benefits

  • Padded shoulder strap with textured back prevents the sling from slipping off the shoulder
  • Molded logo
  • Elastic ammo loops
  • Thumb loop for comfort and ease of adjustment
  • Metal sling swivels are included
  • Ammunition shown not included
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Additional Information

Sling - Rifle
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