Jackets Vests and Coats

Jackets Vests and Coats

Protective Jackets & Coats in Canada

It is no secret that our country is one of the coldest in the world. That means anyone looking to go camping or hunting in the wilderness is going to need to do something about that world-famous Canadian cold. Luckily, Al Flaherty’s has just what you need to keep nice and warm.

We carry a vast inventory of jackets and coats in Canada that are comfortable, colourful, and in some cases, insulated or waterproof. That means whether you are shooting, hunting, camping, or just hiking in the wilderness, you are sure to find the perfect fit to meet your needs. You will even find a range of sizes in breathable fabric that makes moving around easy while still holding up against anything Mother Nature throws at you—just like any suitable camping clothing should.

As the weather warms up, your need for a jacket doesn’t necessarily go away. That is because the summer months are when the world’s worst pests—mosquitoes—come out to feed. Spending an entire excursion fending off bites from these bloodsuckers can really ruin your trip. So put those bugs in their place with our mosquito jackets and repellants.

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