Shotgun Barrels & Chokes

Shotgun Barrels & Chokes

Get the Performance You Want with Shotgun Barrels in Canada

Every hunter and target shooter is an individual with different skills, goals, and needs from their firearms. Many of those outdoors enthusiasts don’t want to settle for using equipment that is completely stock. At Al Flaherty’s, we find that a large number of our customers like to adjust and improve their firearms of choice to get the performance they seek. That’s why we’re happy to supply several products, such as shotgun barrels in Canada.

Perhaps you want to add a rifled barrel to your shotgun to replace the traditional smoothbore. In that case, we can help. If you want to tighten the spread, we’ve got a wide selection of chokes to help you meet that goal. Our selection of Benelli shotguns, parts, and accessories are sure to allow you to modify and upgrade your gun to create the perfect firearm for your needs.

Make your day on the trap and skeet range a fun one, or have the success duck hunting that you’ve always envisioned by shopping with us at Al Flaherty’s to find the perfect components for your shotgun. We’ve got the hunting, fishing, and outdoor supplies that are ready for every occasion.

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