Strike King Tour Grade Spinnerbaits 1/2 oz. Various Patterns #TGSB12WW

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Hard Bait - Spinners
CAD $7.99


Strike King Tour Grade spinnerbait features a weight forward head design which allows the bait to come through heavy cover with ease. Naturalistic painted willow blade models allow for more flash of color and match the color pattern of the head and new Perfect Skirt. The Tour Grade spinnerbait also features the new Perfect Skirt with Magic Tails and a strong, sharp, Gamakatsu hook, Spin Eze ball bearing swivel and Vibra-Max stainless steel wire for the best action a spinnerbait can get. Tie one on today and see why Strike King has been the leader in spinnerbaits for 50 years!


  • Dual blades for easy to control retrieval
  • Double dressed with a Perfect Skirt & Magic Tail
  • 1/2 oz. Weight


  • 514P - Chrome Sexy Shad - TGSB12WW514P
  • 538P - Chartreuse Sexy Shad - TGSB12WW538P
  • 562P - Chartreuse Belly Craw - TGSB12WW562P
  • 586P - Sexy Blue Back Herring - TGSB12WW586P
  • 590P - Sexy Shad - TGSB12WW590P
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