Williams Ice Jig Size J50 - Small 1/4 oz., Various Patterns #J50

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Hard Bait - Spoon
  • Williams Ice Jig Size J50 - Small 1/4 oz., Various Patterns #J50
  • Williams Ice Jig Size J50 - Small 1/4 oz., Various Patterns #J50
  • Williams Ice Jig Size J50 - Small 1/4 oz., Various Patterns #J50
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Product Number: J50

The first Williams lure was stamped in Buffalo NY sometime around 1914, full production began in 1920. Williams have been produced in Canada since 1978 and are now entirely produced in the Brecks Sherbrooke Quebec Canada facility along with Mooselook.

Williams lures have always been finished in genuine silver and or 24 carat gold, nothing matches the visibility and reflective qualities they can offer.

The Williams Ice Jig is a perennial favorite with hardwater enthusiast. Named the 'Ice Jig' it is just as effective when jigged vertically on open water.  The elongated baitfish profile makes an easy and enticing target for trout, walleye and perch.

Size does matter and as a rule of thumb, match the size of lure to the size of your target species.  The J50 is ideal for perch and whitefish, the J60 for trout, whitefish, walleye and lake trout, the larger J70 for lake trout, northerns and big walleye.  It also pays to experiment with larger and smaller lures on any given day  or time of the year.  "Match the hatch" by imitating the size of baitfish present.  Tipping the odd shank of the treble with your favorite bait can entice strikes on slow days.

The double limerick side hooks are offered separately to replace broken or dull hooks on your collection of Ice Jigs.   They can be found here on our website.


  • Double Sided Limerick hook to increase hookups on vertical jigging
  • Patented 90 year old Williams Stabilizing Ridge ensures reliable presentation movement
  • Various colours and patterns including hammered and glow-in-the-dark options
  • Designed for ice-fishing, but functional for low speed trolling
  • Size J50 = 1/4 oz.
  • Made in Canada


  • C - Chartreuse
  • EB - Electric Blue
  • EBN - Silver Blue Nu-Wrinkle
  • FWN - Silver Red Nu-Wrinkle
  • G - Gold
  • GLB - Glow Blue
  • GLC - Glow Chartreuse
  • GLP - Glow Pink
  • GLO - Glow
  • GN - Gold Nu-Wrinkle
  • GNOR - Gold Orange Nu-Wrinkle
  • GRN - Silver Green  Nu-Wrinkle
  • H - Half & Half Mirror
  • HN - Half & Half Nu-Wrinkle
  • R - Red
  • S - Silver
  • SN - Silver Nu-Wrinkle

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