GG&G Beretta 1301 Magpul Mossberg Stock Adaptor #GGG-2719

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The GG&G Beretta Stock Adapter is easy to install as long as you have a working knowledge of stock removal procedures. No modification to the shotgun required. GG&G offers two different Beretta 1301 Adapter Kits, A Magpul Mossberg Stock Adapter that allows you to install the Magpul SGA Mossberg 500/590/590A1 stock to your Beretta 1301, and a Magpul Remington Stock Adapter to install the Magpul SGA Remington 870 Stock. Both Beretta Adapter Kits include installation hardware, an ergonomically designed adapter that mates with the receiver and the stock and the all important Spring Tensioned Bolt Recoil Buffer. The specially designed GG&G Spring Tensioned Bolt Recoil Buffer is very similar to the bolt recoil buffer designed by the Beretta engineers and is installed in all the factory 1301's to absorb the shock of the bolt under recoil and stop the bolt from striking the rear of the aluminum receiver causing operational damage. If the Beretta engineers felt this component was absolutely necessary for operational longevity and safe operation, the GG&G engineers of course followed suit, and designed the GG&G spring tensioned bolt recoil buffer to fit the GG&G Beretta 1301 adapters and both Magpul Stocks.

Additionally, GG&G offers a money saving option that includes the GG&G Beretta 1301 Stock Adapter and your choice of Magpul SGA Stocks.


  • Easy to install as long as you have a working knowledge of stock removal procedures.
  • Fits Beretta 1301 Tactical 12ga shotguns.
  • Two models available: One for the Magpul SGA Mossberg Stock and one for the Magpul SGA Remington Stock.
  • The Beretta 1301 Stock Adapter Kits include the adapter, the spring tensioned bolt recoil buffer very similar to the buffer in the factory Beretta 1301 stock, and all hardware to complete the installation.
  • The Beretta Adapters are both CNC machined from 6061-T6 aluminum and Type III hard anodized non-reflective matte black per Mil-Spec.
  • The bolt recoil buffer is manufactured from 4130 steel.
  • Adapter Kit Weight: Mossberg Adapter: 3oz. Remington Adapter: 2oz.
  • Warranty: Lifetime.
  • Made In America By Men And Women Proud To Be Americans!


  • The Magpul SGA Mossberg Stock is an ambidextrous, user-configurable butt-stock designed with adjustability in mind.
  • The Magpul stock package includes a spacer system for length of pull adjustment, and optional check risers for use with optics.
  • The SGA Mossberg stock is known for its improved grip ergonomics.
  • The Magpul Mossberg Stock includes a recoil reducing butt-pad.
  • Weight: 1.5 lb. with two spacers installed.
  • Warranty: Standard Magpul Factory Warranty.
  • Manufactured in America.
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